1. Stylish, Comfy, Modern Kilts for Sporting and Relaxation

    Whether your family is from the Scottish Highlands or you just think that they look cool, kilts are one of the most unique and stunning fashion pieces that men can wear. However, while you’ve probably seen many men donning the kilt in various settings (usually formal occasions), the fact is that they can be worn whenever.

    At Kilt Rental USA, we offer a wide selection of kilts, ranging from sleek formal wear to options that are much more inclined for relaxation and everyday use. Today we’re going to talk about the various reasons why having a kilt can be such a liberating thing.

    Top Benefits of Wearing a Kilt

    If you’re not familiar with these garments, they outperform traditional pants at almost every turn. While they may not be perfect for all climates and situations, they offer some incredible benefits, some of which you may not even realize.

    Here’s why you should be wearin
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  2. Hire a Kilt to Make Your Wedding Special

    Heritage is an important part of family. Passing on your family’s history and culture is a responsibility as well as a joy. Here at Kilt Rental USA, we believe in taking pride in Scottish roots by providing high quality kilts. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and your Scottish ancestry should not be forgotten on that day. Make your wedding special and hire an authentic, high-quality kilt.

    Kilt Rental USA is the largest kilt rental supplier in the U.S. because we are passionate about all things Scottish. We have excellent gear made in Scotland and are committed to authenticity. Tartans, ties, kilts, bridal accessories, jewelry, you name it, and we carry it. Anything you need to make your wedding especially Scottish, we can help you with. Since our beginning in 1998, we believe in offering top-grade accessories. After all, your wedding is an important day, so don’t settle for a costume-grade kilt.

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  3. 5 Top Reasons to Wear a Kilt to Your Wedding

    5 Top Reasons to Wear a Kilt to Your Wedding

    What better way to have a fabulous wedding than to wear a kilt, the national dress of Scotland? After all, kilts have deep cultural and historical roots. This form of dress expresses a true form of patriotism and shows your honor as a true Scotsman.

    The kilt definitely represents:

    • Patriotism
    • Honor
    • Pride
    • Clan affiliation
    • Culture

    Did you know that the Scottish kilt originated in the 16th century? At that time, a kilt was a full length garment worn by Highlanders in northern Scotland. The knee-length kilt developed in the early 18th century.

    If you’re not already convinced, here are some very compelling reasons why you should strongly consider a kilt at your wedding.

    Heritage Dress

    The kilt represents a form of heritage dress and is a way for you to proudly regard your Scottish heritage. For men in Scotland, the kilt represents a

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  4. 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Scottish Clans

    The word clan comes from the Gaelic "clann", meaning children. Despite this literal translation, clan members were not all biologically related. A Scottish clan can be better thought of as many small, tight knit families living closely in community, usually under a chief. Although familial associations exist, old Scottish clans were more like a village of many families than a single biological family, although usually one biological family could be found at the center of the clan.

    As Sir Walter Scott and other authors of the 18th Century romanticized old Scottish culture, myths and misconceptions regarding the clans of the highlands abounded. It was during this time that the public began to equate surname with clan. This led to the widespread belief that all clansmen were members of the same lineage, directly descending from the original clan chief, which s

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  5. 10 Interesting Facts About Roberts Burns


    Before literary success, Robert Burns was offered a job in Jamaica on a slave plantation as a bookkeeper. Fate intervened as Burns became a literary sensation and he moved to Edinburgh and became an anti-slavery advocate instead.It’s a good thing he never went to Jamaica - Who knows WHAT song we’d be ringing in the New Year with! The Macarena?


    Robert Burns wrote the lyrics to what is considered to be one of the most popular songs in the English Language: Auld Lang Syne - the New Years Song! The Guinness Book of World Records says that the song shares a

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