The McClanathan Story

Michael and Cindy McClanathan

Michael & Cindy
at Sweetheart Abbey, Scotland

Kilt Rental USA is a family owned & operated business that takes pride in bringing quality Scottish kilts and accessories to America.

The McClanathan’s Celtic roots run deep. The family tree started in the Western Isles of Scotland, from there they spread to Canada, & eventually down to Michigan. It is there that Michael, his father “Mac”, and some friends, started the MacGregor Pipe Band. Mac was the bass drummer & Michael (10 years old at the time) was one of the pipers. In 1982, Michael moved to the Grand Canyon State where he settled in & taught his son Wheaton to play the Highland Bagpipes.

Scotland has always been a big part of the McClanathan’s lives. Michael & his wife, Cindy, wanted to celebrate their marriage and renew their wedding vows in the Scottish Borders. They embarked on a trip that would take them from village to village with the final destination at Sweetheart Abbey where the ceremony would take place.

Wheaton and Jessica McClanathan

Wheaton‘s wedding photo 2004

In 2004 Wheaton followed the family tradition and was married in full Scottish attire, wearing the plaid brooch of his late grandfather which bared the insignia “OSC” (Order of the Scottish Clans). Wheaton’s grandfather was a past chief of the Clan MacGregor and a Royal Deputy.

In 2005 a business relocation brought Wheaton and his wife to Glasgow, Scotland. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and was followed by many blessings. The couple set their roots in Glasgow’s West End, enjoying a completely new lifestyle full of taxi cabs, rain, and lifelong friendships. Calvary Chapel, Glasgow became their immediate family and has remained a pillar and strong support in their lives.

In 2008, Wheaton and his wife moved back to Phoenix with mixed emotions. It was very hard to leave such beauty and friends, but they were glad to come back home. Literally, the first day the couple moved back to Arizona, still feeling the effects of jet lag, they found out they were pregnant with their first wee one. To say the least, they were “pure chuffed” to find out they were having a boy. Wheaton hopes that his son will follow in the family’s footsteps when he gets big enough to hold a set of bagpipes.

The McClanathan’s at Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands

The McClanathan’s at Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands.

Cycling trip at Inverary Castle, Scotland

Cycling trip at Inverary Castle, Scotland


In 2006, one of Michael’s daughters married a fine wee lad that the family welcomed with open arms. The kilts made their appearance at another McClanathan wedding, only this time it was to honor the bride.

Baby McClanathan in his first kilt 2009

Baby McClanathan in his first kilt 2009

Another McClanathan Wedding

Another McClanathan Wedding


The Birth of Kilt Rental USA & Claymore Imports


Kilt Rental USA Store

Kilt Rental USA store

In 1998, while playing with a local Arizona pipe band, Michael decided that it was time for Arizona to have a local Scottish supplier that would service not only the local pipe bands but anyone interested in Scottish made goods, including Scottish kilts rentals and accessories. The idea of Claymore Imports became a reality and Michael started importing bagpipes and supplies from Scotland.

While researching the few shops offering men’s kilt rentals that were around in the late 90’s, Michael noticed that his competitors showed their rental price, however it was not the complete outfit. These shops that provided rentals charged an extra fee for a tux shirt, tie, kilt hose & shipping. He also noticed that (at that time) none of the shops offered authentic kilt shoes for rental and simply offered kilts for men only.. Michael decided to make the kilt rental process easy. He was the first to offer a complete package for one price with no hidden fees, head to toe coverage, which even includes cuff links & shirt studs.

After 6 years of operating Kilt Rental USA in tight quarters, the business moved to a large retail store near the Scottsdale Airport. This new retail location made it possible for Kilt Rental USA & Claymore Imports to display their whole inventory of Scottish-made kilts, bagpipes & accessories, including inventory for men, children and more. .