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Kilt Rental USA

Kilt Rental USA has been providing high-quality authentic formal kilt rental services to the United States since 1998. All of our formal kilt attire is made in Scotland out of high-quality wool. You won’t find a better place to get your traditional Scottish attire. Whether you’re looking for a formal kilt outfit, something a bit more casual, or even something for your little one, we have you covered. If you want to add a Highland touch to any occasion you have, our traditional Scottish attire is impossible to beat.

Browse our selection of casual and formal kilt attire as well as various kilt accessories. You’re sure to impress enough to earn a blue silk ribbon.

Looking for a bulk discount? Check out our 7/11 bulk rewards to get a Scottish Made 5 Yard Kilt for free!

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Made in Scotland

Quality is very important to us, which is why our rental kilts are 100% wool & exclusively made in Scotland, selling for around $1,350 on our retail site, Claymore Imports. These are the real deal.

Respect Heritage. Choose Quality. Your wedding's not a costume party.

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  • Packaged deal Our kilt rental packages come complete, guaranteeing a perfect look.
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  • Groomsmen management We help manage all your groomsmen for easy tracking.
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  • Fit guarantee Our kilt tailors are the best in the biz; you will think it was custom made.