Exchange/Return of Purchased Goods 

Purchase items that are in stock will ship within 2 business days. With the exception of our "Claymore Brogues" we do not offer refunds on goods purchased. We will be happy to work out an exchange or store credit on returned items that are not custom ordered. In the event that a custom ordered item is not perfect, please phone us and we will help to make it right. All return shipping costs are customer's responsibility.

Phone Order Fee

Any order placed on the phone will be subject to a $4 phone charge fee. Orders online will not be subject to this fee.

Kilt Rental USA Rental Terms & Conditions

Last Minute Orders: We consider any rental order placed with less than 3 business weeks before your event date a last minute order. We welcome last minute orders! However, please be aware that we may not have the size, tartan, and / or product you request in stock, and may not be able to stock it before your event date.There is an additional Rush Fee of $25 per outfit to ensure these orders jump the normal queue and make it out the door on time.PLEASE NOTE: This Rush Fee is separate from any expedited shipping fees. We always recommend giving us a call to ensure your order will be processed and shipped in time for your event. Please allow 2 to 3 days to process. In most cases, orders will be processed in 1 day, but there is no guarantee. Please keep this in mind when considering shipping options. **On "Last Minute Orders" Kilt Rental USA is not liable for any shipping fees which includes insufficient shippping costs, difference of or otherwise expedited shipping, missing packages, missing items, replacement items in order to correct sizing, item type, or even item color.**

In the event that we do not have the item for your last minute request (for rentals and / or purchases), we will offer a full refund. Any refunds given will take 5-10 business days to post to your credit or debit card account.

Cancelling Orders: If someone in the party requires an order cancelation, we will withhold a portion, a non-refundable deposit per person.  These conditions are as follows.  If someone requests to cancel their rental less than 30 days before the event date, the whole balance will be forfeited; we will offer no refunds or credits for each rental order.  If someone requests to cancel their rentall more than 30 days before the event date, we will refund everything except $50 per person.

Reservations & Outbound Shipping: No rental will be considered accepted and reserved until payment is made in full for each outfit and all measurements are received. Most events are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For these events we want the box to arrive on your doorstep on the Monday before your event. If we are working ahead of our queue, you may actually get the box a day or two sooner. In some cases, you may receive your rental on the Tuesday or even the Wednesday before the event, but this is a very rare occurance. If a quicker delivery is desired, expedited options are available at the customers cost. Boxes shipping to apartment numbers, suite numbers, unit numbers etc. will require an indirect signature. 

Return Shipping & Pre-Paid Return Labels: Returns are simple. For ease of return, we now include prepaid return labels through FedEx with every rental! Just take your rented goods to your local FedEx shipping center or drop box on the first business day after your event, slap that label on the box and send it away. No wieghing, no paying, no problem. If you misplace your pre-paid return label, we will not issue you another one. If you require or wish to ship your return back to us without the label and/or with an alternative carrier, you may select FedEx or UPS and request "Ground" shipping with no insurance. Return shipping is always the customer's responsibility. US Postal Service returns are not recommended but are acceptable only if you ship via express. (US Postal Express fees are 20% higher than FedEx). US Standard Mail can take more than 2 weeks to reach us. Shipping goods back to us via Standard Mail will result in extended rental fees (late fees) regardless of the day that you shipped it. Extended rental fees are $25 per day, per person.

24-Hour Try-On Policy: Once your box is delivered by Fed Ex, you have 24 hours to try it on and phone us with any sizing (or general order) issues. It is super important that you try on your outfit as soon as you receive it. The sooner you try it on, the sooner we can help correct any sizing issues.  Due to time sensitivity, email is not an acceptable form of communication for sizing or order issues, just call us. If something does not fit right or if something in your order was incorrect due to an error or mistake by Kilt Rental USA, we will cover all shipping fees associated with those imaprticular replacement items***. If something does not fit right or if something in your order was incorrect due to an error or mistake by the customer, the customer is responsible for all shipping fees for replacement or added rental items. PLEASE NOTE: The 24-Hour Try-On Policy does NOT bind Kilt Rental USA to pay for any and all replacement orders made within the 24-Hour window. All this does is simply promises that we swallow the cost of shipping on any errors that were our fault. I.e., if incorrect measurements were submitted, but the customer calls us within the 24-Hour Try-On window, the customer will still be responsible for the shipping cost. If something in your package was damaged, incorrect sizing, or color becasue of what we submitted into the rental system (within the 24-Hour window), Kilt Rental USA will take care of all shipping fees associated with those imaprticular replacement items to the extent of listed Ground Shipment costs. Any expedited shipping cost difference will be the customer's responsibility 

***If you phone us more than 24 hours after Fed Ex delivers your box, you are responsible for 100% of shipping fees for replacement or added rental items regardless of fault. If your box is delivered on a Friday, you have until Monday to phone us with any sizing issues since we are closed on the weekends. 

Improper measurements: Kilt Rental USA cannot be held responsible for improper fittings due to our customer not providing all measurements or accidentally giving us wrong measurements. If such event is to occur, we will work with you to exchange items as quickly as possible, if available. The customer is then responsible to pay for any additional shipping costs. We cannot guarantee compensation for any sizing issues accounted for after the event, just call us upon opening your box if you notice a problem. We want you to look and feel awesome!

Damaged & lost merchandise: Any rental merchandise that is damaged beyond reasonable repair, or that is lost while in your possession, will be charged to your credit card at full retail price. Torn and damaged items that we deem repairable will be repaired at a fair price and charged to your account.

Any rental merchandise returned permanently stained, soiled, burned from an iron, or water damaged will be charged full retail price for replacing the items. Any rental item returned with bodily fluids on them will be packed up and returned to you at retail price. Kilts start at $389 and go up to $499, tux shirts are $39.95, Highlander shirts are $59.95.

If an article of clothing, a shoe, or any item rented is wet from perspiration or water, it must be air dried (not in machine dryer) before shipping. Since this will likely cause a delay in your rental being returned to us, call us; we will work together to figure out a reasonable solution. All rentals are reserved on time slots in order to be shipped off to the next deserving groom promptly after your return. The customer will be held responsible for late returns and will be charged Late Fees of $25 per outfit per day late if no telephone contact is documented with Kilt Rental USA. Customer is responsible for items left at hotel front desk for return shipment. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that FedEx picks up the package.The customer will also be held responsible for mold/mildew infested items due to shipping wet clothes or shoes. Since mold/mildew destroys clothing & shoes, the customer will be charged full retail price for unsalvageable items damaged by mold/mildew. At any rate, if there's any doubt, CALL US before your rental is late.

Ironing: Ironing the kilt’s exterior can damage the fabric. It should be ironed from the inside if needed. Do not let the hot iron touch the jacket; you should have a piece of cotton fabric between the jacket and the iron. The best way to get wrinkles out is steaming so damage does not occur.

Lost and Found: Any personal items (sunglasses, etc.) that are accidentally left in a rental return will be sent back to the customer at the customers cost. Kilt Rental USA is not obligated to initiate contact in regards to a lost and found issue. If you think you might have accidentally sent us something that belongs to you, call 480-460-0907.

Extended rental fees: If you are sending rented items to us via “Ground” they must be scanned by the delivery driver on the first business day after your event. If you cannot make it to a FedEx location on the following business day after your event, you have 2 options: accept the "extended rental fee" or ship the item via “express” so that it arrives on the due date given. All rental merchandise is to be returned by the due date given. To compensate for lost business, any rental merchandise not received by the due date shall be subject to an "extended rental fee" of $25.00 a day, per person. The late fees and/or merchandise replacement fees will be charged to the credit card given on your rental account. For any full formal rental outfits not returned within 7 days of your due date, you will be charged full retail price for replacing the items to your credit card on file. For any individual items rented (IE: kilt only) the full retail price for each item will be charged to your credit card on file.

Civil and criminal remedies: Claymore Imports Ltd reserves the right to pursue civil and criminal remedies against lessee, including, but not limited to, obtaining, by Lessee’s credit card or otherwise, from Lessee the cost of the full retail price of a comparable substitute of equipment and extended rental fees assessed prior to deeming the Lessee in default or the equipment lost or unreturned; notifying a collections agency, which immediately results in additional attorneys’ and collection fees being charged to Lessor; filing of criminal charges; employing “skip tracer,” private investigator, or repossession agency to collect the equipment or goods sufficient to repay the value of the equipment; and/or pursue any and all legal remedies against Lessee. Lessee will also forfeit all rights enumerated in the Privacy Policy of Lessor. These remedies are not exclusive. In the event of litigation to recover any such damages, Lessee is held responsible for all legal fees and costs incurred by Lessor.

Updated June 2016

Custom Kilt Terms & Conditions

Custom kilt sales are final, we offer no refunds or store credits on custom kilts & custom jackets. Kilt Rental USA & Claymore Imports cannot be held responsible for customers who inadvertently mismeasure themselves. If you have questions in regards to the measuring process please contact us.

Custom kilts usually take 60 - 90 days, however, on occasion kilts might arrive sooner or later than the 60 - 90 days. If you have an event date that you must have your kilt or jacket by, this information must be relayed to us.

Most five yard kilts are literally made of five yards of cloth, however the exact yardage depends on the seat size as well as the distance between the stripes on the tartan itself. The same statement is true for eight yard kilts.

10oz & 11oz kilts come with a blind hem that is stitched in the kilts bottom edge. Our 13oz Welsh kilts also have a hem. The hem is perfectly hidden & does not affect the look or feel of the kilt, nor do you have to do anything to it, it's just something you should be aware of.

All custom kilts will be pleated to the set which is by far, the most popular way of pleating kilts. If a specific style of pleating is desired, please type this into the "other field" when ordering your kilt.

Don't let all these details overwhelm you, we are a family owned kilt shop that takes care of our customers. You can call our retail store and speak with our knowledgeable staff anytime between the hours of 9am - 5pm Arizona time, Monday - Friday.

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