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We proudly serve on the front lines of the kilt rental Industry. Trust us with your event.

Made In Scotland Quality

Some competitors may offer cheaper kilts at the expense of quality and tradition. We only offer honest, quality, Scottish made fashion. At Kilt Rental USA, we maintain a commitment to honor the kilt tradition of the past- today, tomorrow and forever.

Over 15 years

KRUSA has been outfitting a variety of formal occasions ever since the late nineties. We’ve provided kilts for thousands of successful weddings, refining our knowledge and creating a system that ensures that you’ll be satisfied with your kilt rental.

Color Options

Our available inventory sets us apart from all other kilt rental stores. Nobody has more available tartan and outfit options than Kilt Rental USA. From traditional to contemporary, we offer more options to help you fashion your look unlike any other.

Inventory Guaranteed

Unlike other kilt rental places, we have a large inventory with a broad spectrum of available sizes. If you place your order within the recommended time-frame, we guarantee that we’ll have the outfit you selected in a size that will fit you!

Fit Guarantee

Our system is designed to take your measurements and formulate a fit that’s just right for you. If something doesn’t fit right, we’ll get you a replacement that does! That’s why we ship our outfits a week before your event.


With our text messaging service, you’ll get alerts about the status of your package on delivery day. You’ll know when your package goes out on delivery as well as when it arrives at your door. There’s less stress when you rent with us. Our goal is to give you peace of mind in all stages of our rental process.

Full Package

Some competitors appear to have a lower price tag, but that is due to the fact that they don’t provide every article necessary to complete the package. We do. We’ve got you covered from head to toe, from brogue to epaulet.

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