We offer a wide range of rental tartans, but if you desire a tartan that is not available for rent, we want to give you the option to rent the tartan of your choice.
For an added fee of $180 per kilt, we will coordinate with you to make sure that you wear a kilt in the tartan of your choice on your big day.*

This offer is only compatible with a Formal adult rental package which start at $180. 

This offer needs to be coordinated and confirmed with our staff and requires a 2 to 3 month lead time. After you coordinate with our staff, you may order online. Just pick the package you desire, select "Custom Tartan..." on the Tartan dropdown menu and type the Tartan name into the "Other Info" box. If you want a Fly Plaid to match, click the box below it and we will order one for you to rent for only $50 additional.
Cloth samples are available for viewing in our showroom, if you are not able to stop by we can send you a tartan sample for a small fee of $9 per swatch.
Custom fly plaid rental includes rental brooch.
*Some tartans exist only on paper and are not readily available for kilt making. These “exotic” tartans are not kept in stock by any mill in the United Kingdom, they require what is called a “special weave” and do not qualify for this offer. Your tartan selection must be approved by staff, regardless of whether or not the cloth is easily accessible.