Since 2001 we have been helping brides and grooms coordinate their most special day. This page is

to give you a quick overview of the choices we offer, and the ways we are here to help. If you have any

questions at all along the way,do not hesitate to give us a call, we are here to help!

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Free Tartan and Tie Samples

When you place an order, we offer to send you 2 free samples of real wool tartan.  This could be helpful when debating between 2 different tartans or for aquiring exact color matching of the kilt.  If you do not have an order on file, we charge a low fee of $9 for each real wool tartan sample.

We offer over 40 different tie colors.  To be sure that you are getting the right color you have in mind, we offer tie cloth samples as well.

Color Coordination

Brides and grooms don't usually see color the same way.  We understand the way that brides see color and have worked hard to offer the widest selection of color choices available.

With three different tie styles (Bow tie, Windsor tie, and the British favorite Ruche tie) and over 40 tie colors, you can match or contrast the ties to your bridesmaid dresses and/or your color theme. Our colored tie selection extends to kid ties too!

For brides wearing an ivory dress, we have ivory tux shirts, kilt socks, and sporrans for the groomsmen to wear, if you prefer.

Please call us for more details on the free sample cuttings of our ties.

Kilt Outfit Options

There are many different ways you can arrange your Kilt Wedding. You can arrange your kilt wedding any way that fits your special day, however we will list the three most popular Kilt Wedding arrangements and list the differences in each choice.

Dressed-Up Groom Arrangement

-All men wearing the same tartan (All Ireland Blue).
-Groom is wearing "Groom Sporran" to set him apart from groomsmen.
-Groom is wearing a "Fly Plaid"- A piece of matching tartan worn over the left shoulder, secured with a brooch, to set him apart from groomsmen.
-Groom is wearing Blue Flashes (The pieces of cloth worn on the calf). 
-The Bride has a matching tartan sash.

Groom with Different Tartan Arrangement

-Groomsmen wear a kilt with few colors (Tartan in picture is Black Watch)
-Groom wears a kilt with the same basic colors but has an extra color or two, to help set him apart as the Groom (Tartan in picture is Scotland's National).
-Groom is wearing a red tie to match the added color in his kilt.
-The groomsmen have Navy ties and flashes to match the bridesmaid's dresses.

Matching Kilt Outfits

-Groom and Groomsmen have matching kilt outfits
-This package has some extra color coordinating qualities.  When choosing a neutral kilt such as Grey Granite (above), you are not limited in choosing tie or flash colors to match the theme of the wedding.


Scottish & Irish Bridal Accessories

Here are a couple ways that the bride can incorporate the Scottish theme of the wedding into her outfit:

Tartan Sash - A sash can be made using the same tartan as the groom's kilt.

Tartan Garter - A matching tartan garter is a fun way to incorporate the Scottish theme into the ceremony.

HeatherGems - Heathergems are a unique and beautiful type of jewelry made in Scotland.  Check out our page to see how these pieces are made.

Groomsmen Gifts

We offer many items that make great gifts for the groom or groomsmen.


Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition that symbolized a couple's intent to marry, much like the engagement period of today.  This ceremony has since changed into an event performed during the wedding ceremony much like the unity candle or unity sand pouring.  Handfasting today represents the couple's decision to be fastened together in life, symbolizing the union of two separate people into one.

If you would like some matching tartan to perform a handfasting at your wedding, give us a call or send us an e-mail to see if we have the cloth available.


Kids Kilts
Our children's kilts are made to the same high quality standard as our adult outfits.  If you have a young ring bearer or usher, dress them up in a kilt!