When will I receive my rental?

  • Most events are on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. For these events we want the box to arrive on your doorstep on the Monday before your event. If we are working ahead of our queue, you may actually get the box a day or two sooner. In some cases you may receive your rental on the Tuesday or even the Wednesday before the event, but this is a very rare occurrence.


When do I need to send the rental back?

  • All boxes should include a prepaid FedEx return label for ease of return. We require all rentals to be on their way back to us on the first business day after your event, sent via Fed Ex or UPS ground service. You do NOT need to insure your package. Using the US Postal Service  for rental returns will always result in extended rental fees due to the extra time they take to deliver.


How do I return rented items to Kilt Rental USA?

  • All boxes should include a prepaid FedEx return label for ease of return. All rented items should be shipped out on the first business day after your event via Fed Ex or UPS Ground. Simply place all the items back in the box they came in, if you wish, slap that label on the box, and drop it off at any local certified Fed Ex shipper, and send it to us via Ground shipping service. All return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility, unless otherwise arranged with our staff before your event.


Why do you recommend not using the US Postal Service?

  • For some reason the US Postal Service tries to deliver returns to us on Saturday when we are closed. If the delivery attempt fails, they leave a slip for us that requires us to drive out to the Post Office to pick up the package. In this scenario, your rental will accrue late fees.


I need a kilt rental for an event two days from now - can you make this happen?

  • YES! For last minute orders, we can usually have an outfit dispatched that same day. Express shipping is available at the customer’s cost -please phone us to get an accurate Express quote. There will be an added processing fee of $25 per rental if your event is LESS than 3 weeks away.


I am going on a long vacation & need the outfit for an extra week - is there a fee for extended rentals?

  • Yes, we only charge $75 for each additional week. Extended rentals must be coordinated with our staff prior to your event.


What happens if the kilt rental does not fit properly?

  • Our kilt outfits will arrive to you with ample time to get any sizing issue sorted out. WE WANT TO HELP YOU! The first thing you should do if something does not fit properly is call us. We have a massive inventory, and we can send items via express, overnight, and even Saturday delivery to major cities, if needed.


Do you ship out of the country?

  • At this time, we only ship to the 50 States. Rental outfits cannot be returned to us from other countries; return shipments must be sent from within the United States. We do offer an extra week's rental for $75 per week if a longer rental time is needed.


Will the FedEx driver require someone to sign for the box, or will the box be left on the doorstep?

  • For businesses and addresses that have a Unit, Suite, or Apartment number, a signature will be required. Anyone can sign for the package: a neighbor, the front office, a co-worker, etc. For all other addresses, we do not require a signature, and the driver will leave the box if nobody is home.

Ordering and Payments

How far in advance should I rent my kilt?

  • We always advise our customers to make the reservation as soon as they have picked out the kilt outfit they desire. Our outfits are reserved on a first-come first-served basis, so the sooner the better! Two to three months is a great window.


Some of my groomsmen live in a different state [or country] than I do; how should they place their order?

  • It’s easy! They can order over the phone or online! Advise them to type in the reservation/Groom's name as well as the wedding date when placing their reservation, so we can link them to the correct party. [For example: The Matthew Johnson Wedding January 31, 2014]. If ordering online is not an option for them, we accept orders by phone!


How far in advance should I place my custom kilt order?

  • We recommend allowing at least two to three months when ordering a custom kilt. If you do not have this kind of time available, please phone us - we might be able to pull it off in a shorter amount of time.


Measurements / Perfect Fit 

Have you watched our "How to measure for a kilt" video? Click here to watch it: How to measure for a kilt


How should I measure for a kilt rental?

  • We recommend each guy measures himself (or has his wife or girlfriend measure him) with a tape measure. We've put a lot of time and thought into our kilt order form so that your measurements are conveyed to us accurately - please follow our measuring instructions. A tailor’s tape measure is best to use, but a household tape measure will work just as well as you can see in our video!


What happens if something in my rental outfit doesn't fit properly?

  • For orders placed 4 -12 weeks in advance, our kilt outfits will arrive to you with ample time (about a week early) to get any sizing issue sorted out. The first thing you should do if something does not fit properly is call us. We have a massive inventory & we can send items via express, overnight, & even Saturday delivery to major cities, if it is needed.


What does "24 Hour Try-On Policy" mean? 

  • If your order was placed 4-12 weeks in advance, your kilt rental will arrive about a week ahead of your event. Once your box is delivered, you have 24 hours to try on the whole outfit and contact us with any sizing/order issues. Customers who wait longer than 24 hours to alert us of any sizing/order issues will be required to pay 100% of the shipping cost to send any replacement items regardless of fault. Most customers who call and alert us of sizing issues during the first 24 hour period will not be required to pay extra shipping charges for replacment items that are sent via Fed Ex Ground. If your box arrives on a weekend, contacting us on the next business day is perfectly acceptable. 

Do your rental kilts come in different lengths?

  • Yes they do! We don't ask you for your kilt length in your measurements, but we do take length very seriously. The kilt needs to be the correct length on the wearer. We calculate the length based on the wearer's height.


Special Requests

I am going on a long vacation & need the outfit for an extra week - is there a fee for extended rentals?

  • Yes, we only charge $75 for each additional week. Extended rentals must be coordinated with our staff prior to your event.


Would I be able to purchase the rental outfit I wore if I like it?

Absolutely!! We sell a lot of used kilts, jackets, shoes and other rental goods. In the event that you would like to keep the kilt (or any item) that you rented, please phone us before you send it back. We can let you know the price and if it is available. Our used kilt prices range from $180 to $500. Our used jackets normally range from around $100 to $300.


Authenticity of Our Products

How authentic are your products?

  • At Kilt Rental USA, we take pride in carrying authentic Scottish Highland wear. We do not rent kilts, jackets, or accessories made in Pakistan. We use name brand products just like the shops in Scotland use. Some of the name brands you will find in our rental line-up are: Lochcarron of Scotland, House of Edgar, Gaelic Themes, L&M Highland, Strathmore, Marton Mills, and Charles Buyers, just to name a few.

  • Our Ruche ties are handmade in England from 100% silk - you will notice the attention to detail when our ties are compared to a $7 Ruche tie made in China. All of our ties are pre-tied so you don't need to learn how to tie them!

Coordinating My Group

I want the guys in my wedding to pay for their own outfit. Do you have something I can send them to help them place their order correctly?

  • Yes we do! Follow this link - https://www.kiltrentalusa.com/register-wedding - When you fill out this simple form, your groomsmen will receive an email with a link and a specific kilt outfit that you have chosen for them to wear. All they have to do is add the outfit to their shopping cart and proceed to check out.  Our system will continue to send your buddies reminder emails until they place thier order. Once their order is received, the emails will stop. 


I'm paying for all the guys in my wedding party. Do you have instructions for them on how to send in their measurements?

  • Yes we do! The first thing to do is to make sure their order has been completed online. Once that is finished, you can tell them to watch our "How to measure for a kilt" video on our site. The last step is they need to fill out a measure form online and click "Submit Form" to send the form to us. It's that easy!


Some of my groomsmen live out of state. Should we have their outfit shipped directly to them, or shipped to the wedding location?

  • It's always a good idea to have the guys try on the kilt outfit early instead of waiting until the Friday night before the Saturday wedding. With that in mind, we recommend having it sent directly to the wearer unless he is able to arrive at the wedding location and try the kilt on at least three days before the wedding.


Should all kilts match in a wedding party?

  • The answer to this question is a matter of opinion. Most brides & grooms prefer to have matching kilts for the wedding party. However, many couples then decide to make the groom stand out by changing his tie color, giving him the fly plaid upgrade, or upgrading his rental sporran.


Can Kilt Rental USA help me with groomsman gifts?

  • We would love to! We have a wide selection of authentic Celtic gifts - please see our web page titled “Gifts” for something geared towards each member of your party.


Who should wear a kilt at my wedding?

  • Obviously the groom & groomsmen should be in kilts. You should also consider other family members, including fathers, brothers, and grandfathers, as well as ushers and clergymen.


I have black dress shoes - do I really need to rent Ghillie Brogues (Celtic shoes)?

  • We believe that proper Ghillie Brogues bring the whole outfit together. Like the kilt, they are quite unique and formal. You should also consider the fact that while you may have nice black dress shoes, your groomsmen might not own a nice shiny pair. Renting Ghillie Brogues is one more way to ensure everyone's outfits complement each other.

Kilt Outfit Education

Do the pleats on the kilt go in the front?

  • The pleats always go in the back. The front is called the apron and has no pleats.


What is the difference between a Prince Charlie jacket and an Argyle jacket?

  • Both jackets are formal, although the Prince Charlie is considered more formal. The Prince Charlie jacket has a high waist and short tails in the back, structured more like a tuxedo jacket. The Argyle jacket has a low cut waist with no tails, it’s more of a “modern day” suit jacket style.

Store Hours and Directions

Where is your store located, and what hours are you open?

  • Great question! You can find all that information, as well as detailed instructions on how to get to our store, on our "Contact Us" page: Contact Us