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Choose the Following: •    Authentic kilt with sword kilt pin.(No kilt option, subtract $50.) •    Tie Style and Color (Colored Ties $5 See Colors Here) •    Shirt Color (5 to choose from). •    Cuff links & shirt studs •    Sporran style & color (9 to choose from) •    Sock Color (5 to choose from) Which can be kept. •    Fly Plaid & Brooch for groom (Add $20) Included in the package: •    Grey Argyle jacket with 5 Button Vest •    Hose flashes (decorative garters for socks) **MADE IN SCOTLAND**

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Buy Now $209.95
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The "Build Your Own" formal kilts package lets you fully customize our Grey Jacket package.

Choose the following:
  • Authentic kilt with sword kilt pin (No kilt option Subtract $50)
  • Tie style & color (Colored Ties $5 See Colors Here)
  • Shirt color (5 to choose from)
  • Sporran style & color (9 to choose from)
  • Sock Color (5 to choose from) Which can be kept.
  • Fly Plaid & Brooch for groom (Add $20)
Included in the package:
  • Grey Argyle jacket with 5 button vest
  • Hose flashes (garters for socks)
  • Sgian Dubh (black knife for sock)
  • Cuff links and shirt studs
  • Ghillie Brogues (kilt shoes)


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Return shipping is included on all rentals!  Rentals should be shipped back the first business day after your event.

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Here is a quick overview!

  • Neck (A) - Around the neck, in inches, not too tight.
  • Sleeve (B to C) - From the shoulder point to just above your thumb. Usually between 23" to 28".  **If you know your neck to cuff (F to C), you can use that as well.
  • Chest (D) - Around biggest part of chest, under your arms with arms down.  ** If you know what jacket size you wear, you can provide it in this section.
  • Waist (E) - NOT PANT SIZE, Around waist at navel...pull the tape measure snug.
  • Height & Weight - (Example...5'10" & 170 pounds)
  • Shoe Size - American Sizes