5 Top Reasons to Wear a Kilt to Your Wedding

5 Top Reasons to Wear a Kilt to Your Wedding

What better way to have a fabulous wedding than to wear a kilt, the national dress of Scotland? After all, kilts have deep cultural and historical roots. This form of dress expresses a true form of patriotism and shows your honor as a true Scotsman.

The kilt definitely represents:

  • Patriotism
  • Honor
  • Pride
  • Clan affiliation
  • Culture

Did you know that the Scottish kilt originated in the 16th century? At that time, a kilt was a full length garment worn by Highlanders in northern Scotland. The knee-length kilt developed in the early 18th century.

If you’re not already convinced, here are some very compelling reasons why you should strongly consider a kilt at your wedding.

Heritage Dress
The kilt represents a form of heritage dress and is a way for you to proudly regard your Scottish heritage. For men in Scotland, the kilt represents a group they belong to, such as a military regiment, pipe band or other group. Indeed, the kilt has traditionally been worn as a military uniform for centuries. What better way to proudly display your Scottish ethnicity? Many Scottish men choose to wear the Scottish national dress at formal ceremonies like weddings for this reason.

Beginning in the 19th century, Scottish kilts were only worn on special occasions as a form of ceremonial dress. In America, the practice continues as a way of recognizing and paying tribute to Scottish heritage.

Bringing Generations Together
You might be new to wearing the kilt. Other men in your family may have worn the kilt for decades. These days, most people only wear kilts on special occasions, so why not make your wedding one of them? After all, it will be so special for you to have that family picture with:

  • Grandfather
  • Dad
  • Groom
  • Sons
  • Brothers

Clan Tartans
At a wedding, it is most customary to wear your clan tartan. This is a way for every generation participating in the wedding to honor their Scottish ancestors. For many, the kilt is a garment of rich cultural significance and is associated with much national and family history. Therefore, the kilt is treated with distinction and generally only worn at formal affairs like weddings.

Without a doubt, clan tartans have become one of the most important symbols of Scottish heritage. A tartan is made of wool, and has different colors to represent different clans. Colors and patterns (called setts) are changed to create a unique pattern for each clan.

For centuries, Celts have worn tartans; the practice dates back to the 5th century BC.
You’ll probably recognize a few of these famous clan tartans:

  • Fraser
  • Ferguson
  • MacLean
  • Campbell
  • Black Watch

In all, there are more than 200 tartans, and we can definitely help you find your perfect match. After Britain defeated Scotland at the Battle of Culloden, there was a ban on wearing clan tartans. When the laws were repealed in the late 1700s, Scotland had a resurgence of national pride in wearing the tartan. Wearing the tartan definitely restored spirit and culture. That pride continues today.

Theme Wedding
You may not even be Scottish, but many couples these days are having theme weddings, so you may wear the kilt as a costume. Many people wish they were Scottish; they’ve fallen in love with the romance and beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Wearing a kilt is certainly fun and different, and will definitely make your wedding an event that people remember.

Did you know that Queen Victoria greatly helped add to the romantic nature of the kilt? She and Prince Albert fell in love with Balmoral Castle, the royal residence in Scotland near Deeside. They loved everything about Scotland, including tartans, and admired the noble Highlander chiefs. The royal couple even designed their own Balmoral tartan. Room after room in the castle had tartan accents. That tradition continues today with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, both of whom have a special place in their hearts for Balmoral.

We Have A Kilt For Every Need
These days, most people don’t want to invest in the purchase of a kilt because they simply don’t wear them too many times. That’s why it is a great idea to rent from us. We offer every kilt from informal to formal, and can provide your clan tartan, too. This is a great, inexpensive option for your wedding. You can select from a variety of rental items from our wide selection. The options you choose are completely up to you. We want you to have an enjoyable experience, and we love being a small part of creating a lasting memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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