7/11 Rewards

Keep more that just memories, keep a part of your heritage

7/11 Rewards

You've asked for it. Now, we're offering extra sweet benefits on orders of 7 and up!

Seven Formal Outfits

We here at Kilt Rental USA really want to give you a gift to help you remember us. If your party rents 7 full-formal adult packages you will receive a 5 yard, top-stitched custom kilt on us. This kilt is worth over $200

Eleven Formal Outfits

We here at Kilt Rental USA want to give you something to remember your special day for the rest of your life. If your party rents 11 full-formal adult packages you will receive an heirloom 8 yard kilt. This kilt is worth over $500

How it Works

It's simple!

Once you've gotten your groomsmen together, and achieved 7 or 11 reservations associated with your party in our system, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Next, we will send you a coupon and a link to our sister company Claymore Imports where you will order your free kilt! The last thing you'll need to do is enjoy your new kilt!

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Why 7?

You may wonder how we came up with the number 7, and that's a valid question! It's been said that 7 is the perfect number, but that's not why! We've spent time mining through data from the past 15 years and realized that 7 rentals is the average number of rentals that we provide for wedding parties. It's such a perfect number that we want to reward you with the perfect kilt to help you live happily ever after.

  • G = Groom
  • GM = Groomsman
  • FOG = Father of Groom
  • FOB = Father of Bride
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11 groomsmen


From our experience, wedding parties start off with a base number of kilt outfit reservations and go up from there. As soon as the word gets out that you're having a kilt wedding, everyone from the father of the bride to father of the groom and every cousin and uncle known to man will want in on the action. Not every wedding party will reach 11 kilt reservations, but there's a bonus if you do!

  • G = Groom
  • GM = Groomsman
  • U = Usher
  • FOG = Father of Groom
  • FOB = Father of Bride
  • R = Relative
  • O = Officiant
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Run Down



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  • 1 Kilt
  • 5 Yard
  • Top Stitched
  • Custom Fit
  • Pleated to Set
  • Made in Scotland



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  • 1 Kilt
  • 8 Yard
  • Heirloom Quality
  • Custom Fit
  • Choose Your Pleating
  • Made in Scotland


We understand that weddings can be a lot of work and one of the craziest and busiest times in a couple's life. That's why we'll give you 6 months to redeem your kilt from the day that it's sent to your email.
At Kilt Rental USA, we have standards regarding the quality and authenticity of the kilts we offer as rentals, or even as a giveaway! The free custom kilts we offer for parties of 7 or more are no exception. They are hand-made in Scotland with quality wool and take 3-4 months to arrive from Scotland. They are worth the wait!
Yes you do. Each of your groomsmen can place and pay for their order separately. In the ordering process the groom's last name and event date are required to proceed to payment. We use this information to group your party together and it will show the number of total members, which allows you to qualify for our rewards!
This promotion is limited to either the 7 or 11 gift. One party cannot receive both kilts. The only exception would be if one party were to achieve enough reservations to qualify for both tiers separately. (I.e. a wedding that has 18 full-formal adult kilt rentals would qualify for both the 7 and 11 gift.)
If your order is placed at least 4 months in advance, you will be able to get your custom kilt in time to represent your family tartan on your wedding day! There are so many tartans in the world that it is impossible for us to stock all of them, much less a variety of sizes to accommodate any given groom! This is why we let the mills do what they do best, and we order your custom-tailored kilt straight from the kilt makers in Scotland.
Of course! If you qualify for the 7 bulk reward then you are able to apply the full price of the 5 yard top stitch kilt towards an 8 yard heirloom kilt or any kilt in our kilt category.
It's perfectly reasonable to wonder how a wedding party would achieve 11 kilt rentals! Fortunately, there is an equally reasonable answer. Many larger parties will have 6-8 groomsmen, including the groom, the father of the bride, the father of the groom, and maybe a friend, usher, or uncle and: BOOM, 11!
Unfortunately, no. The only outfits that are eligible for the promotion are the adult packages listed above on this page.
The only outfits that are eligible for the promotion are the adult packages listed above on this page. The packages are only full-formal adult rental packages. Any package that is not either the "Prince Charlie Package" (5 or 3 button vest), "Argyle Package"(with or without vest), "Back in Black Package", or "Grey Granite Package" IS NOT ELIGIBLE. This offer DOES NOT include our "Everything but the Kilt Package". 7 or 11 full-formal packages of those that are listed above on this page and followed through with entirely through purchase. To receive the gift, the required amount of outfits must remain on file and active through the entirety of the event. Any items that are pieced together from other places within our site are excluded from counting towards either promotional gifts. Kid's packages do not count towards promotional gift. We only ship within the United States. No exceptions will be made. We reserve the right to review every claim for promotional gift and fairly review each to determine eligibility.
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